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The lovely LadyLincoln has written a stellar (and helpful) tutorial to help deviants know the difference between a lit and journal submission. :la: 

Please see here:

DeviantART Submissions: A TutorialWhat's This?
This new article is an extension of my Seven at Seven initiative. If you are like me, you get frustrated browsing for DeviantART news and discovering nothing but miscats. So, with this article, it is my hope to shed new light on the differences between DEVIATIONS and JOURNALS and how to post them. With introductions out of the way, lets start with --
A News Refresher: What to Avoid
We'll use Literature again as the primary example, since I see this occurring far too often in this particular category. As previously stated, anything of a personal nature that does not relate to Literature does not belong in the journal Literature Feature category. These non-literature journals definitely include memes and/or any random blurbs about subjects that ex

It is certainly worth a read if you've always wondered about one or the other, or the differences between the two! Also, it would be a big help if you passed this along. You never know who might be in need of some clarification on this :)

In other news:

As I mentioned before, DailyLitRecognition is in need of volunteers! If you're interested, please see the journal below. Also, if you're not able to, spreading the word on this is JUST as helpful. Thanks guys!

Volunteers NeededWe are looking for help rebuilding DLR
We are looking for a variety of people to assist us with making this great once again.
:bulletblack: Posting Admins We are looking for a minimum of 2 posting admins. The duties will include posting articles and polls as well as maintaining forums and the like. To be considered, you must have been on dA for at least 3 years. You will preferably have been in the backroom of a group for a while with a reference of your commitment level. Someone who has worked with DLR in the past is most preferable, but not required. If you are interested, please send your name and reference in a note to DLR, VertigoArt, and Medoriko.
:bulletblack: Single Suggestion Admins We are looking for 3 - 5 of these admins. You duties will include finding a featured author and coming up with a short bio on them. No experience necessary, but dedication is required. You will

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with blue-hued saline lips,
the ocean kisses the sand;
the wind--his anchor.

[HaikuWriMo Day 11]
Went with a more oceanic theme today, I guess :lol: Granted I can count on one hand the amount of times I have actually seen the ocean :p Chicago life. 

Anyway, read and comment. Hope you all like :heart:

smells of wood smoke drifts
through the house like old incense;
hints of citrus and pine.

[HaikuWriMo Day 10]
On a roll now :heart:

[HaikuWriMo Day 10]
lingering lilac light;
a sky bursting into
speckled shadows.

[HaikuWriMo Day 9]
as the day fades
For the Alliteration Challenge for: theWrittenRevolution

I'm pretty pleased with this. Let me know what you think. 

Also HaikuWriMo Day 9.

Hello, everyone! Medoriko here, from the DailyLitRecognition team :heart: We know that DLR has been a bit dead as of late, but we realize that we need to switch things up and get ourselves back into the lit community in a relevant way. We are in need of both input and assistance to get DLR back to how it was. Not only that, we want DLR to be BETTER than it was before. We can't do this without the support of our community members. So please check out the journal below, and give us your input. If you are able to help, in any capacity, please send a note to VertigoArt We are most in need of volunteers, but any help you can give is appreciated! Thanks guys, and we look forward to giving you the DLR you deserve. :love:

See here:

An UpdateFirst of all I would like to thank all of your writers and readers over the last 6 years. This group/account has morphed into something much bigger than I hoped it would be. That being said, it is now dying. We have less watchers, less volunteers, and less writers participating. We are going to change that.
:bulletblack: First of all we will be only doing 1 - 3 features a week for the foreseeable future. I hope we do not lose those of you that are still with us at this point, but we need some time to regroup without shutting the doors completely.
:bulletblack: We need volunteers. Past, present, and future are welcome with a few exceptions and those people should know who they are. If you want to help (in any way, contact this account via note or VertigoArt via note to let us know you are interested.
:bulletblack: We want your input. How to make us better, that is. If you have a suggestion, speak up.
:bulletblack: Features will be a little more dynamic. Anything pertaining to liter

Also! Even if you can't actually volunteer, spreading the word is JUST as helpful. The more eyes that see this, the better chance we have of finding people who can assist. :heart:
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