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What's up in the Lit Community?

Who's Who on dA (done by yours truly)

Who's Who on dA: Issue 8 So this is SUPER late. NaPoWriMo took over my life. Oh, and final exams were a thing. :lmao: Anyway, now that NaPo is over (despite the copious amount of reading I have to do. You guys killed it this year!), I have time to get back to my hopefully weekly editions.
I enjoy doing feature articles, but I have realized more and more that a lot of features people do (and I'm super guilty of this) involve people that are more known in the literature community here. Or, in my case, it's a feature of people I'm good buddies with. There's an incredible amount of talent hiding in the corners of dA, and I want to give some spotlight to those that haven't gotten the recognition they deserve. We have all been there, and you gotta start somewhere right? Sometimes that's the push we need when we're new to dA, and just getting started. This is also for deviants who aren't new, but may be under the radar a bit. Either way, this is a good way to get some glimpse into who's

[Issue 8]

Lit Etc: Where Lit and Art Intersect

Lit Etc. Volume 2: Valentine's Day Where Lit and Art Intersect: Celebrating the synergy between words and images.
Whether you draw, look through an old photo album, or spend some time searching through deviant Art , artwork is a great way to find inspiration for writing. 
There’s something about the ambiguity of a photograph (especially of someone or something you’ve never seen before), or a stunning painting, that helps get the creativity flowing. 
Literature, like the other arts, is an expression of individual thoughts and feeling achieved through the process of creation.  Artists seek to share their experiences, observations, and understanding (their "truths") through the medium that most effectively lends itself to their personal skills and abilities. 
Whether we are writing stories, painting pictures, writing music, composing a photograph, or creating a film, we are expressing our relationship to the world around us at any given moment.  Art connect

[Volume 2: Valentine's Day]

Guide to the lit community

Being devious: A Guide to the dA Lit CommunityI've been asked frequently, in the last few weeks, by some new members in the lit community about exactly HOW they can hit the ground running in terms of their activity on dA. It goes beyond just submitting great pieces and hoping for the best. I came across various methods over these 8 years I've been around, and I wish I had been told a lot of these things when I first started. I discovered a lot of things by trial and error. So, I figure it would be a nice gesture to help out some of the deviants who have been inquiring about what course of action to take now that they are here. Here are some useful articles that will probably say most of the things I'm going to:
 These two articles are more in-depth, so I would highly suggest taking a look here.
As for my own personal experiences, here are some ways of getting yourself out there.
1. Comment, comment, comment.
Maybe even a critique or two, if you're feeling daring. Think of the

Latest ABC's of Lit Edition. (also done by me)

ABC's of Lit. Forms 'S'The aim of this project is to serve as a single collaborative collection of literature forms. The project can focus mainly on poetry forms, but can also include types of prose (examples: non-fiction, six word stories)! La la la la Since this project is about all of the writers on dA, that is where the community comes in. I am constantly needing more forms to add to the list. So please take the time to fill out a quick google survey, letting me know what forms you wish to see in this project as well as as how YOU would define it (if you choose). Feel free to include examples from dA as well, if you have any.
:dalove: This will be continuously updated as more come along, so stay tuned!
Thank you to those who have taken the time to send in something for the Google Survey, along with instructions and tidbits. They were very helpful. :heart: 

Updates from LadyLincoln

News from HugQueen

Love DA Lit: Issue 202Welcome to the two-hundred second issue of Love DA Lit! :fairylove:   Every Sunday this article will aim to promote volunteer opportunities, various resources, prompts, challenges, and workshops, as well as highlighting various contests. This is by no means a complete list of all the literature going-ons, merely a tool to help you get involved and stay informed.
LITplease's Community Portal
LIT me explain u a thing July - Dec 2014

Literature Links | Workshops, Prompts and Challenges
Literature Contests | Resources
love dA Lit: 202

<3 Coheed and Cambria Forever <3

DDs, DLDs, Features, etc

:iconfeaturedbydldplz::iconfeaturedbydld2plz: (My DLDs)

Bait and SwitchBougainvillea blooms
and tall, shaded ferns disguise
this sorrowful life.
Fear NotBe the sky that I
can jump into; Your eyes are
pools of stepping stones.

:iconhonoredddplz::iconhonoredddplz2: (MY DDs)

Life on DisplayShe had grown up in a world
of coupon clippings, muffled ears
and tip toeing around broken glass.
Bruised feelings towards the world
that looked so narrow and thin;
Felt like a resolutely locked door.
Always grasping for the heavens
with a desire and ferocity
of piercing iron claws.
Dominating the skies with all the
bulk and majesty of a bird of prey.
Boxed in at one corner of a city;
dusty and forgotten.
Yet, always guaranteed to be visible
at night. Raging quietly through
the darkness like the last bit of embers
on the end of her stamped cigarette butt.
Artsy and upscale enclaves beckoned her.
Hidden oases of roasting coffee, hip music
and fresh-cut flowers. So unlike the barren
desert of chain convenience stores and dreary
apartment blocks she called home.
Beautiful young women
clink marble china together, bobbling
around each other like planets bobbling
around the sun; All struggling for recognition
and permanence. All the while, defiantly staring
into the face of the force that ga
SolaceShe never slept well in the dark,
not without the children of the sun and moon
to guide her weary lids home.
Guided by the aftermath, she was always two steps behind.
What did the world look like to the girl who had been through it all?
Braved the heaviest of storms,
yet skipping over cracks in the pavement.
They said her eyes were the wisps of clouds before the storm.
To him they were reflections of pages overlooked.
She said it was like she lived the life of someone she had never met.
Laid out to dry, yesterdays news.
He knew her as the girl who was built to never collapse.
He wished he was too.
He loved her more than words could say, and yet her pain was such,
that at times, he feared she wouldn’t make it.
But on nights like these, even when it threatened to consume her,
he became convinced that somehow she would.

Thank you Stamp. by itsreality

Spotlights on... #16What's up people?
It's cool to see that despite summer, people on this website are still as active as usual ahah. Oh and btw my DA 1 year anniversary is coming veeery soon (on August the 2nd). :D Nostalgia nostalgia.
I changed a little bit the way I'm doing these features, now I'll also be featuring deviants that are worth your attention, because of their skills/spirit/kindness/etc.
Hope you'll enjoy!
Plum facts #9 : I studied classical literature and how to analyse prose/poetry with the use of literary and lyric tools. That's why I think I might be very sensitive of the author's style, which defines IMO the quality and the richness of the text. 
Have you studied any classical authors or even modern literature?   
I am a dummy! DEVIANTS AND DEVIATIONS I am a dummy!

Kurtzan - Awesome support, well-
Spotlights on... #15Wow already #15. I still remember the feeling I had when I posted my first features articles: I really wanted to share my favourite art with all my friends, supporters and watchers. I received several compliments and praise for my features articles therefore I definitely can't stop doing them. :) (Smile)
I'm aware I might miss some unknown artists that need more exposure, and I'm sorry for that. I'm doing what I can to please all of you, and please me as well. 
I hope all of you have a great week so far. Summer definitely came back, and mosquitos too. Crying  Feel free to note me if you ever wanna talk, about anything. I'd love to share my stupid stories with you. Anyway enjoy this 15th wave of features. Make art, not war. 
See you soon! Hi!
Plum facts #8 : I've found a new hobby, watercolour. I just came across some amazing pieces of

The Ink Stained Quill Vol. IIIHello everyone! It's Kelsy, aka SpriteBlayde here. Welcome to the third volume of The Ink Stained Quill. This series focuses on the amazing writers we have here on deviantART. Each installment will feature a deviant who you may, or may not know, who is willing to answer some of my questions! Whether you are a long time writer, or a newbie, there is something for everyone in the series who is looking to improve their craft or for some light reading.
Today we have a guest who is insanely awesome. Her name is Nadia, but you may know her as Medoriko. I've been her watcher for long enough to know that Nadia puts out a variety of pieces. Her writing is truly incredible, she's one of the gifted writers who only has to write a couple of words to hit you head on with emotion. I highly recommend you browse her gallery, you won't be disappointed. :heart:

Before we start, is there anything you would like to
Random Feature Time!As the title says, it's a random feature! Before I begin, I would like to mention that I am still open to collaborations. If you're interested, please note me or comment here:
Now for the features! I will feature a couple of my personal favorite pieces from each person. :)
1. chromeantennae Not that he needs my help, but he's my best friend and an incredible writer. His style is so versatile and his subject matters cover a broad range. Please, go check out his stuff!

2. Medoriko I love this lady's writing! She has one of those styles of writing that make even the simplest of messages complex and meaningful. Please, go show her some love. :)

3. WeirdAndLovely She is an amazin

A Feature full of LOVE Let's start with some words that I adore.

HaikuWriMo. LOVE
I am participating in HaikuWriMo this year and it has been so much fun!  Here are some wonderful Haikus!

I updated my own Haikus today. In this one, I added three new haikus all in the genre of romance to celebrate Valentine's Day!
Haiku Bingo. Complete! by prettyflour
Now for some beautiful Photography!

and some crazy good Digital Art:

Monthly Feature of Works!Welcome to :iconPoeticalCondition:'s Monthly Feature of Works!
Please take a moment and enjoy these fabulous words.

by FirecrackerLady

by Medoriko

by Miellat


by X3beyondthesunx3

by AsterGirl

by Bombatoria

by hypermagical
Congratulations to those chosen!
Keep writing and submitting, maybe next month, one of your pieces will be chosen.  :)
(We will not be accepting nominations for monthly feature of works, they are chosen at random by the admins. Please feel free to continue sending your nominations for our Member of the Month!)
See you next month!

:thumb381370829: NaPoWriMo Feature #4Sooo hi. Yes, I know it's been almost two whole months since NaPo ended, but I am lazy and irresponsible so there. Here is the final installment of the NaPo features, with, once again, three of my favorite NaPo poems from all of the winners. Enjoy!



April 30th, 2013 by DrippingWords April 21st, 2013 by DrippingWords
:thumb364558755: :thumb366095892: :thumb368871240:
NAPOWRIMO by neurotype
PS. I wanted to put your actual poems, but doesn't have thumbs :(
I do not write, by Sammur-amat to the vulture who thought himself a lion by Sammur-amat rock bottom, ocean floor by Sammur-amat
The Omega Point by TheOmegaPoint Bradycardia by TheOmegaPoint The Certain Comfort of a Rare Thing by TheOmegaPoint

Literature Roadtrip: Day 06The beautiful pieces of literature featured here today are written by extremely talented deviants. As you explore their galleries you will be amazed and captivated. I urge all of you to read a few of the pieces showcased, give them some comments and add them to your favourites. I know that these deviants would greatly appreciate it.
I also suggest that the deviants here today, take some time and look at two another pieces here. You may find a deviant you have never come across before.
 lion boy by lupus-astra curiouser and curiouser by lupus-astra
simple pleasures by prettyflour Almost... by prettyflour S.O.S. by prettyflour
Clematis by falconess22 Death by falconess22 A Bad Idea? by falconess22
Fantastic Feature Tuesday #45Please this news article so it will reach a larger audience!
This is a weekly feature of amazing literature that I come by during my
travels across deviantART. This is only a small sample of a vast amount
of wonderful pieces of literature written by absolutely fantastic
writers. Each deviation was carefully selected from a writer's gallery
based on structure, impact and word usage. I will never feature the
same person twice (though this gets harder to keep track of
now that we can change usernames), so check out these lovely writers now while you can!

Sunny Days by TotallyUncreativeMe

theWrittenRevolution is going to be having a fixed-form contest soon and we are looking for prizes! 

1 deviant said If you can donate any, feel free to note me!
1 deviant said It's going to be awesome. :la:
1 deviant said Thanks guys :heart:
No deviants said Or you can note the group, theWrittenRevolution
No deviants said Also, keep your eyes out for more information on the contest!


DLR Collab Madness!

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 15, 2015, 10:39 PM
Hey guys! Just wanting to pass on something information that you may be interested in :la: There's going to be all sorts of fun activities going on before the year is out that you may want to be involved in. 

First! :icondailylitrecognition:/:iconlitrecognition: is now back on its feet, and regular features are rolling out! So if you have suggestions, please send them to one of the admin for that particular type. See the main page of LitRecognition for the list of current admin :D If you wish to help OUT in an admin fashion, feel free to note myself or betwixtthepages as we are both overseeing that. 

Now, speaking of DLR, we are going to be doing a collaboration with :iconprojectdfc: :eager: For more information on how AWESOME this is going to be, see here: DFC 2015 - The HORROR!

And lastly, we're doing MORE collaboration! We will be hosting a sort of "Seasons of Love" activity in December with :icondacompliments: The details aren't finalized yet, so keep your eyes out for that. 


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theWrittenRevolution is going to be having a fixed-form contest soon and we are looking for prizes!
1 deviant said If you can donate any, feel free to note me!
1 deviant said It's going to be awesome. :la:
1 deviant said Thanks guys :heart:
No deviants said Or you can note the group, theWrittenRevolution
No deviants said Also, keep your eyes out for more information on the contest!

Anxiety + Happy news

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 28, 2015, 8:50 PM
So anxiety sucks. Like. I get so frazzled and can't even deal with anything. Then I feel like shit for NOT being able to just bounce back in any given situation like everyone else. Blah. I can do better. Just...some days it's tiring.

On a different note.



I haven't seen them since I went with my ex last year. Which seems like it was so long ago. Anyway. I'm going to the one in Michigan. There were no Canada shows which sucks cause I'm currently attending Uni IN Canada. My friend in Ontario can't afford to fly to any of the US shows but Michigan is a drive away from Ontario so thus the location. lol I don't care where it is, so long as I am going. Which I am. <3 My closest friend in Cali might be joining me which would make me forever happy. At any rate, I'm so elated right now that I can't sit still. So I decided to share. Hope you all are well. <3


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We're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
4 deviants said DLR is getting back on its feet!
1 deviant said… :D
1 deviant said See you all soon!
No deviants said We are also looking for some serious and available admin!
No deviants said By serious, we mean you are serious about helping us out (not actually being serious all the time, that wouldn't be fun)
No deviants said If you're interested in helping us out, PLEASE send me a note about yourself-- i.e. previous group admin experience, amount of time available to help out, at least ONE piece of poetry/prose you'd feature and why you love it (1-2 sentences)

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How have you been doing? I had to take an unexpected hiatus. My computer was crap and it's hard to navigate dA on my cell when they don't make their apps available for that model. I remember the last time we spoke in comment that you were dealing with a hospital visit to do with your heart and they didn't know the cause(said it was anxiety), but were going to do an EKG. Did you ever find out anything? I hope that you did. Heart 
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Hey there. :hug: I was on a hiatus myself. Along with the health, I was dealing with some serious emotional stress after a friend passed away unexpectedly. I'm back though and feeling a bit better. As for the heart thing they didn't see anything weird in the EKG so they took some chest xrays and hooked me up to a monitor. I'm waiting to hear back. On the BRIGHT side, my symptoms have all but stopped by now. I'm not sure if it was an isolated incident. I'm still going to make sure, but I'm thankful I'm at least not experiencing anything else or anything WORSE. :heart: Thank you for checking up on me and sorry for the delay in answering. 
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I'm glad to hear that your symptoms have stopped. I can totally relate to being alright with that happening even if no answers yet. I've been having kidney stone issues on and off since like July and it has been a lot of confusion, mix-ups, and insurance/doctor BS so when this most recent incident cleared up on its own I was relieved. Now I just have to hope that another one doesn't pop up before our area gets its new team of urologists that'll be coming here starting in January. I hope that you figure out what's going on. My belief is always that it's better to know even if it's something that only pops up once, occasionally, or consistently. =)
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It's quite alright. I appreciate the kind words :hug: Yeah, it's stopped for the most part but pops up every now and again. I have an appointment to get a CT of my thorax soon, my doctor wanted to be sure as it shouldn't have come up anyway. So who knows...I still want to make sure since I still do have symptoms just not as often. I guess we will see. All I can do is hope for the best :) 
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