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when the well runs dry
I'll love you in all the ways
you can't love yourself,
so that you may find reprieve
from the soil and the silt
:iconmedoriko:Medoriko 12 8
NaPo 2018 Days 22-30
Day 22
her laughs rolls over him like ocean waves
and he takes it in like he'd die of thirst.
right now
right now was everything
Day 23
i was there the day you
let the shield fall and all
the pain tumbled out. 
remembering the way
you clung to me to 
steady yourself hurt.
but what really hurts
the most is how you 
looked so much like me
when i hit rock bottom too. 
Day 24
i like the whispered words
and hushed tones between 
us on lazy sunday afternoons 
where the sun warms out toes,
and the cedar strokes our backs.
Who knows? Maybe the wind
will snatch our secrets and 
lend them to the ears of the birds,
who'll translate them into hymnals
Day 25
the abandoned house sat
as it always had, covered
in cobwebs and dust like
a shawl on thin shoulders.
but it held firm to keep
kept the secrets of its 
tenants who had long
since passed. 
Day 26
bristles brushed against 
her skinned knees and 
she picked them clean
like o
:iconmedoriko:Medoriko 13 12
NaPo 2018 Days 15-21
Day 15
under a muted grey sky,
the colors of my world shed
their winter coats -- now painted
more richer and deeper than before.
Day 16
the trees sway together like dancing ladies,
shedding their leaves and inhibitions together.
little ones join in the dance too, making memories
underneath the unbroken splatter of blue.
Day 17
sunlight poured into her bedroom
and smeared across the chipped
floorboards -- heating them
with its intensity;
a savior from the night
Day 18
it was as if loneliness was tangible
and love was just a myth.
she lived in ways she couldn't describe
and died in ways she could.
Day 19
i feel the void threaten to creep up
and swallow me whole -- so
I beat it back down but
it returns ever stronger.
Day 20
the light drizzle
made a soft pitter-patter
on the soil around her
bare feet.
She stood there,
kissed by the rain.
Day 21:
starlight fell and showered
her against a backdrop of
black marble.
she grabbed onto them,
wishing she too could
be this brilliant.
:iconmedoriko:Medoriko 10 6
NaPo 2018 Days 8-14
Day 8
oh, how her see-through smiles go unnoticed,
and she wonders if he ever thinks of her
as much as she thinks of him.
But his life belongs to another;
one life for another.
Or that's what she tells herself
when she's hanging from the rafters;
hanging by a thread.
Day 9
there's tranquility in your
hollowed bones; the way they
bend and fold tell stories
of your end.
Day 10
i'm only honest
when no one is looking;
cloak and dagger.
Day 11
young buds peep from
muddy beds searching
for escape from their
winter tombs;
they found grace
in the sun.
Day 12
you look frail
in your mortality,
as if a gentle breeze
could knock you down.
And I can't help but fear
for my own descent.
Day 13
in the end we all crumble and fall,
but it is the initial drop that we
fear so much -- but not you.
you stand so close to the edge
because you're not afraid to let go.
Day 14
shimmering rays of the morning
beams across her freckled skin,
making them come alive so
openly and freely that he could
sit back and cou
:iconmedoriko:Medoriko 7 7
in bloom
tentative red-tipped buds
sway on bare branches.
:iconmedoriko:Medoriko 11 2
NaPo Days 5-7
Day 5
red lips stained in hate
you break me down into
bits and pieces;
my failures make a lump sum
of my entire life,
and you never hesitate
to let me know
that i could never
be good enough
Day 6
are these words your own?
they're heavy on my back,
making it hard to breathe.
why is it that your words
hurt the most?
Day 7:
she missed simpler times
of wind-swept skin and
bruised knees of childhood
because she never had to worry
about where her life was headed
(or wasn't)
sitting in her backyard
felt like a resolution now
as she'd crush dandelions
between her fingers
until they were beyond recognition--
until it felt relatable.
:iconmedoriko:Medoriko 10 4
dear so and so (4/30)
dear so and so,
it has come to my attention
that this life has gone belly-up
and morning birds don't sing (for me).
if they ever unearth my remains
they'll see I still remain
the same, as I did before
and that's okay -- I'm okay
I'm okay
with the way colors lose their hue
or how the lilies you grew for me
always die after a little while
because even muted things
have their place.
And it's okay that I'm diluted
and shapeless because I could be
everything or nothing at all.
Maybe nothing even really matters.
Maybe that's the point.  
but do you know where courage sleeps?
I had been trying to find it
and shake it awake so I too
could know it.
But someone once told me that this
was no place for me.
And I think there's some truth to that.
So, for now I'll stack my bones
neatly where they lay, and scatter
my ashes where you can't find them.
I hope someday you'll forgive me.
A coward.
:iconmedoriko:Medoriko 12 13
subtle (3/30)
I carve my stories
into your skin and
hope you'll catch
all the insecurities
I'm too afraid to express
out loud --
but you sweat them out
and keep them to remind me
how I always
fall short
:iconmedoriko:Medoriko 13 7
Symmetry (Day 2/30)
aren't we all just lonely little stars
searching for meaning to
the chaos?
maybe it's in our desperation
to fill the void that we're
really one in the same.
:iconmedoriko:Medoriko 13 4
Should this Noose Unloosen (1/30)
Shadows hang from your lids
and I can tell how tired you are or
how the light falls away from you.
I want to find the words,
the right ones to say -- but I can't.
I try to say it hurts me
more than it hurts you,
but that can't be true -- and it isn't.
So, instead I say nothing.
Nothing at all, and that's fine by you
because words can't fix this.
Can't fix you; Can't save you.
And they don't.
:iconmedoriko:Medoriko 13 7
trial and error
I know that when the dust blows over
and my bones turn to ash,
the wounds will begin to heal--
And I'll recede to the back of your mind
like old china in your cupboard.
:iconmedoriko:Medoriko 5 4
HaikuWriMo Day 28
spring was born from the
sunrise -- warm remains
after a frosted evening.
:iconmedoriko:Medoriko 9 3
HaikuWriMo Day 27
her face was painted
a soft hue, but I knew
the emptiness underneath
:iconmedoriko:Medoriko 9 0
HaikuWriMo Day 26
all the words I could
have said, kept hidden
in self defense
:iconmedoriko:Medoriko 7 0
HaikuWrimo Day 25
you were a feeling
I once felt; petals
I once submerged.
:iconmedoriko:Medoriko 6 1
HaikuWriMo Day 24
soft silence sweeps
across the valley;
it gives her pause
:iconmedoriko:Medoriko 3 0



Ah, back to it :) It's been a busy month and a half. New job, and finally going to the gym. It's awkward being at the gym with my wheelchair, but I'm there so I may not have to be in it forever so...I'll live lol Anyway, hey everyone :P 
:wave: Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay, but here is the winners journal -- those who placed in the comment contest for NaPoWriMo 2018! :la:

1st Place: 


a new year-ningi.
shopping —
sifting the racks
in search of new skin
thinking coyly
of tangerines
and days just as cloying
iii. closing shop before midnight
in yesteryear —
the merchants’ wares 
sleepful visions chastised
by Divinity’s drum —
the hound awakens
the embrace
of familial strangers —
faintly familiar
bagan beginnings i.
horsecarts hustle
past stupas,
kissed by the slinking sun
derelict relics —
dusted daily
by the bare feet of pilgrims
or just afterI.
her love affair with flightless birds began long before she met me, with the chickens in her kampong — they were her “feathered friends”, who plumed as she bloomed.
during the sabbath of sienna sunsets, she aches and speaks of childhood cankers, those sediments of sentiment that perch in us perpetually (“they are not migratory birds. no, no, they nest in your heart.”)
“one fine afternoon,” she said. “wingspans ago, pa told me to call the chickens ‘fowl’ because they were ‘not quite birds’. and so began my acquaintance with the tragedy of a taxonomy that casually defines birds as flying creatures, lumps chickens in that category and then brands them exceptions.” when i wheedled her for her melodrama — “and you call me the pretentious one?”, she spilled (quietly, quiet as that suspended moment before the crow of the cock, just when the shy sun slinks out into our world) —
rain, rainunder heaven’s loose faucet
shy snails suscitate -
dewy inhale
I.nurturing affection -
dandelions? weeds? -
in your backyard

2nd Place: 


MediumThis pen and ink is not my preferred medium.
As much as I wish to weave silver
From my fingertips,
I fall matte (and flat);
I prick my hand on the spindle.
Yet I keep spinning words,
Hoping to form something new and golden.
But the sun doesn’t shine
In the shade (and grayed
Areas don’t mean anything).
To speak and be heard is all I ever wanted,
All I’ve been working for my entire life;
But my vocal chords are ripped
And the lovesick music
Is all I have left to show.
YellowtailKissing her
Is sweet like wine,
So snap out of it.
FrostbiteThe floor is covered so I can hardly walk;
Any step I take could be my last.
And so here I lay
In the catacombs of my past
Wasting away as if I, myself, were a cadaver.
If I sit here any longer, I’m going to get frostbite.
But I continue to lay here
For if I move, it will be the end of me.
I hear my name, calling from the outside;
I feel the pull in my chest, tugging at me to get up.
Yet, I do not dare to move.
I’m sitting here longer; bring on the frostbite.
The Things You Leave on the BeachShe stepped into the waves crashing on the beach. Funny, she didn’t remember the water being red, nor the dead body washed upon the shore. Orchids, SpecificallySeason of sun,
Seasoned with cinnamon;
Lavender icing smoothed on top
Curved figure,
Tempts something sweeter
Very few can taste.
And on her deathbed
I will place
Orchids, specifically.

3rd Place:


Diagnosis: A Poetry Anthology*
1.                  Prognosis
Practical lessons in medical terminology
So much more intense than a classroom
This is not just an exam I’m writing
These are questions I could answer if anyone else were asking
But I am the child and yet
My elders turn to me
Eyes shining for explanations
Clinical precision
A list of technical symptoms
Measurements, scans, jargon
Gloss over what is really a human life
A man, a father
Brother, uncle, grandfather
Carpenter cook artist
And the baggage that is his family
Reduced to a thin manila folder
A pile of prevarication
No one wants to say the word
And waiting is so hard
Can they not see that each
AmorphousHeaviness drips from my pituitary
To settle behind my sternum
And drag my limbs to a standstill.
It is huge and tactile and real,
But somehow I cannot describe its shape.
RestorationMy inner voice is static screaming
Snow on an old tv
Outside, the silent storm deposits a veneer of cold peacefulness
Going to the side of town where the streets have not yet been plowed,
I cannot see the lane markings
But this road is engraved on the memory of my heart
The road to a place where I feel the spirit of my mother and sister and grandparents still moving
This place where I can still feel the laughter of the children who forged me into womanhood
The joy and sadness absorbed by these unchanging stones
Are now mingled with fear
That this park’s namesake will roll armored down the boulevard to terrorize my people, my city
And kill a little boy I once knew
And that fear flares to consuming fire
The smoke and flames insist on the notice of sanctimonious outsiders
I’ve driven past this place but never stopped before today
On the national news, you saw the charred husk
the best blessingstwo daughters
friend and friend
to cheer a long evening
fill the house
VolumeShe had hardly allowed her
to think of
The danger
suffering solitude
to fill the house

Please show these guys some love because they ALL did a metric fuck ton of comments, and it was awesome seeing so many thoughtful comments going around. Hopefully, we get a bigger turnout for this comment contest next year! Till next time :la:


:wave: Hey everybody! Sorry for the delay but we're finally ready to announce the winner(s) to the NaPo Comment Contest. Granted, we only had 3 people participating -- but I'm very thankful to have any at all :lmao: So thank you to all three participants for giving out amazing and thoughtful comments! And now, for our results :eager:

1st Place: 

 heartdialect :clap:

Here is the list of your prizes for placing 1st!

1. a one year sub: donated by Medoriko
2. Features from MedorikoLitRecognitionTandemFeatures, and NaPoWriMo plus you'll be included in the winners journal feature
3. 500 dA points! OMG 
4. Comments by Xyron7777777
5. Llamas from MagicalJoeyMagicalJosie
6. Feature from MagicalJoey

2nd Place:  FieryDownpour479

3rd Place: DC-26

The 2nd, and 3rd place winners will both receive a feature in the winners journal, as well as comments by Xyron7777777


Thank you guys for taking part in this! I hope that we have a bigger turn out next year, :love: Expect to receive your prizes over the next week. :)

Till next year!


Comment Contest Winners!
Winners of the Comment Contest for NaPo 2018.

Welp, that's enough deviant Art and human interaction for one day lol 


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